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Personalised dashboards for investors.
Powerful analytics for founders.

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Foster engagement

Enable your investors to become your best advocates. Track the interest of investors that you're targeting for your next raise.

Control who can see what

Create multiple dashboards to share more sensitive data. Discover how people engage with your updates.

Investor updates are crucial

  • Helps you be a better entrepreneur

  • Keeps investors (and future investors) engaged

  • Makes it easier to raise the next round

  • Avoids nasty surprises

  • Builds transparency which fosters trust

Built for Founders by Founders

At Briefing Room, we know first-hand the importance of harnessing your investor-base. Successful founders go even further, updating future investors when positioning their business for acceleration and the next round of investment. The key to both are easily accessible updates and data on how they are being viewed.